I make shit on Photoshop (requests are always welcome), I'm trying to save up money from work to go to PAX East next year, I'm a Senior in High School



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kik username: _nataliee17


do you ever just get the overwhelming urge to cry because you think you’re not going to go far in life because you’re not as smart or as talented as the people around you


putting stuff on your blog that you enjoy is 10000% better than trying to stick to one category


twenty one pilots + vessel


Okay what the fuck.

I’m very very pissed.

Why do people think it’s okay to sabotage someone in their workplace. Yes YouTube is his workplace and he worked really hard to put out content and to edit and to find people to record with. Just to make his fanbase happy. 

And for all this to happen it’s horrible. Doesn’t matter if you like him or not he has a job and a fanbase who care and enjoy his videos. It’s not okay to go around like that saying you’re glad it’s gone and bullshit like that. 

I’m glad he has some great friends to fall back on and all I wish him is good luck. This fanbase needs to remember Dex is a real human being who works and will feel upset when something he is very passionate about is taken away. 

I love being in the middle of this house and listening to my grandparents call my mom a horrible mother, a whore, a motherfucker…and listening to my mom call my grandparents insane, that they need help, that they don’t give a shit about her, etc.

Like it’s so great being in the center of this fucking warzone that’s been going on for almost a year now


it’s 4:20 you know what that means.  time to go out and milk the cows.  life on a pennsylvanian farm is tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Happy Birthday, Joel! (September 16, 1971).


dropping out of school to become part of a chicken nugget cult